30 November 2010

good article about fruits

Fruits contain high fiber, water and nutrients so that they can make us feel full.nutritionists recommend eating the fruit as supplementary food in the daily diet. in a variety of fruit, there are several types that have advantages in helping to lose weight, the grapefruit, oranges, apples, berries, melons and grapes.

1) grapefruits
study found a large orange has a citric acid that can inhibit the presence of calories in food.

2) orange
compared to other fruits, orange is believed to have the highest fiber content. The fiber in fruit is also a type of soluble in water and eating oranges can reduce a person want to enjoy carbohydrates.

3) apples
studies have found someone who took an apple before meals, can reduce the rate of increase in weight by 33 percent compared to people who do not practice it.

4) berries
rich in antioxidants and can increase metabolic rate.

5) melons
These units consist of 92 percent water and can provide signal satiety to the brain in a short period when stimulated receptors in the stomach.

6) grapes
antioxidant content in fruit can prevent blood sugar into fat. wine may also prevent the formation of fat in the abdomen.

~~i found this article in today's newspapers.

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