31 July 2007

ahakss.. somebody kill me plz..

hehehehhe.. hello ppl.. i act xde keje.. bukan xde keje nak buat.. tp im waiting for my mum.. since i ni unemployed.. kena jadi driver diaa.. hehehe.. now ni nak g bank.. tp dia g klinik gigi jap.. tu yg malas nak buat keje lain.. oleh itu.. dok laaa mengadap survey niee.. hehehe.. ku abadikan dlm blog ku ini.. :D

1. Story behind your primary picture?
>> no story.. I was trying to make she (my baby niece ~yaya) smile.. she
just woke up.. hehehe

2. Do you love chocolates?
>> nope.. I ada migraine.. kena pantang..

3. Are you emo?
>> u think so?

4. Music you adore the most?
>> depends on my mood..

5. Your current mood in one word?

 6. Last thing you talked about with your friends?

7. In love with whom?
>> timothy olyphant.. sorry my dear nelly.. opss..

8. Story behind your background music?
>> hatiku tersentuh..

9. Favorite radio station?
>> byk.. fly layan.. hot fm pun ok.. sumtime era.. tp bukan lite n easy.. hahahhaa

10. First band/group you liked?
>> BSB.. seriously..

11. First music video you enjoyed?
>> all I have to give by BSB.. hehehe

12. Favorite line from a song?
>> Let this be our Angel’s Lullaby

15. Anime crush?
>> sasuke.. muakakaka..

16. Topic for the day?
>> perhentian..

17. What does the last email you received say?
>>Happiness Test from tickle..

18. Are you missing someone?
>> szy

19. What does the last SMS you receive say?
>> mamay said.. she dun wan bcome pngntin bcoz she dun like.. hahahah
from mummy..

21. Do you smoke?
>> im a heavy smoker..

22. Usual first impression on you?
>> manja!! Dymn!!

23. Favorite tv series?
>> Grey’s Anatomy.. scandallll timeee… :D 

24. Current addiction/passion?
>> collar shirt

25. What course are you planning to study for college?
>> yeahhhh.. just finished!!! Hooray

26. Last person you talked to on the phone?
>> mummy

27. Last thing your Mom told you?
>> nnti jemput mak ye..

28. Last thing your Dad told you?
>> nnti laaa abah tgk smula ye.. 

29. Do you still feel your answer in no.5?
>> definitely!!!

30. What is your favorite thing to wear?
>> anything comfort..

31. I say shotgun, you say:
>> machine gun!

32. Last person you hugged/who hugged you?
>> my baby niece ~yaya

33. What time of the day is it?
>> 1203

34. Favorite type of food?
>> asam pedas ikan patin.. thank GOD im ‘pahang’ian.. 

35. Do you download music:
>> yes..

36. Are colored contact lenses sexy?
>> nope.. original colour is the most sexy.. hehehe..

37. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?
>> dun think so..

38. How is the weather right now?
>> HOT..

39. What are you listening to right now?
>> Richard Mark – Angel’s Lullaby

40. Do you wear contacts?
>> nope

41. What’s one thing you’ve learned this year?
>> his selfish girlfriend is more important than his brilliant BEST FRIEND.. 

42. Are you missing someone?
>> kunyil2 mummy.. its more than one.. 

43. What magazines are you reading?
>> I dun read..

44. Who would you like to see right now?
>> perhentian!! Oh yeahh.. thank god it is a GO..

45. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to?
>> nope

46. Favorite smell?
>> the smell of me!! Hahaha

47. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn?
>> GSC caramel popcorn..

48. Our Lady Peace or Nickelback?
>> lead singer nickelback..

49. What’s something that really bugs you?
>> bugs bunny.. hahaha

50. What’s your favorite perfume?
>> mine

51. What’s the longest time you’ve gone without sleep?
>> 6 days.. seriously.. no lie..

52. Who was your last phone call?
>> mummy..

53. What’s the closest orange object to you?
>> tumbler

54. What do you smell like?
>> wangiiiiii.. hehe

55. Do you believe in a soul mate?
>> do I have to?

56. Do you remember your dreams?
>> last nite.. yes.. I got married.. hahahhahahahahha

57. Do you burn easily in the sun?
>> yes

58. What’s something you wish you could understand better?
>> me myself..

59. What did you do last weekend?
>> went to lowyat on sat.. n sent my baby bro to hostel on sun

60. What was the last thing you drank?
>> my body partner..

61. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
>> Nescafe.. coffee.. tea.. 

62. What’s on your mind right now?

63. Is taking a shower a daily habit?
>> nak I jawab jujur ke? Hahahahaa..

21 July 2007

Character by Birth Order

Firstborns are typically believed to be serious, conscientious, directive, goal-oriented, aggressive, rule-conscious, exacting, conservative, organized, responsible, jealous, fearful, high achieving, competitive, high in self-esteem, and anxious. They may learn the concept of power at a young age, and this can be expressed in their desire to help, protect and lead others. The firstborn may also have the need to regain praise from their parents that they received before their siblings were born. The first born may come to feel unloved through the perceived loss of mother’s love to the new baby. Adler (1964) referred to this as being "dethroned" by the younger sibling. Later in life the firstborn may become authoritarian or strict. A firstborn’s common feeling of a fear of losing the top position may make them more risk averse, and thus less likely to embark on a new venture. There are several aspects of the family structure that pertain to firstborn children. First time parents are usually highly anxious and "sweat all the details." They document every milestone, celebrate each small achievement, and worry if it comes later than expected. They put the firstborn child under a lot of pressure to succeed. In addition to parental behavior, the firstborn child is often shocked by the introduction of a competitor into the family. This may lead to sibling rivalry. On the other hand, younger siblings often idolize the first born, putting the first born in a position of leader of the children of the family.


Middleborn children have a diverse range of personalities. The habits of many middleborns are motivated by the fact that they have never been truly in the spotlight. The firstborn always seems to be achieving and pioneering ahead, while the younger sibling is secure in his or her niche as the entertainer of the family. The middle or second born child or children often have the sense of not belonging. They fight to receive attention from parents and others because they feel many times they are being ignored or dubbed off as being the same as another sibling. Being in the middle, a child can feel insecure. This in turn will affect their relationships throughout their whole life. In some cases the middle child will see life from a hopeless standpoint will often become depressed or even lonely. The middle child often lacks drive and looks for direction from the first born child. Sometimes a middle child feels out of place because they are not over achievers and like to go with the flow of things. Middleborn children are often believed to be natural mediators. They tend to have fewer pictures in the family photo album alone, compared to firstborns. Middleborn children may avoid conflict. They may also be highly loyal to the peer group and have many friends. The middle born child may develop good social skills and have an easier time growing up with an other-centered point of view. It has been suggested that middleborn children are more likely to be entrepreneurs. Karen E. Klein, a Los Angeles-based writer, suggested that a middleborn’s innate skills in diplomacy plus their
flexibility in ideas make them more successful in entrepreneurship. The middle child may have an even-temper and a take it or leave it attitude.
Alfred Adler (1964) believed that the middle child feels squeezed out of a position of privilege and significance. The child is internally compelled to find peace within the family and may have trouble finding a place or become a fighter of injustice.

The names given to the youngest child are revealing: the youngest child of the family is viewed as the party animal, the entertainer who is unafraid to test his or her luck. They are also thought of as the baby of the family and an outgoing charmer. While this is certainly not true of all youngest siblings, proponents of this theory state that the youngest of the family is an endearing, and delightful friend. The youngest child is often babied or "pampered" more than the other siblings. This "pampering," according to Adler, is one of the worst behaviors a parent can bestow on a child. "Pampering" can lead to dependence, and selfishness as well as irresponsibility when the youngest enters adulthood. Youngest children may become manipulative and control-seeking if their sibling(s), parents, or other peers are overbearing or bossy.

01 July 2007


When she is in love, she will act both ways. First, Shy and polite trembling to be near you. Second, Attach to you like glue and trying to be with you all the times. She will try to go home with you after work, or have every lunch with you. It is O.K. if you like her too, but if is is not the case, you will feel very uncomfortable. She hates to be talked about or gossiped by someone else. If she knows she will be very hurt. In nature she is a shy type, except she has been influenced by some other Zodiac. She is not a brave or daring type, so if you like her then you better be the one who start first. She will not accept her true feeling, so if you like here you better tell her first. She is like a musical note always change in tunes, so one minute she can be funny and cheerful, and one minute she can be sad and depress. Other people may think of her as "Over-acting", or "Over-reacting".  When she is depress, she will go out and look for things to make it up. She loves money, and thinks of having "Money" as "happy", not as "God". She will not look down at you if you do not have a lot of money, but she will help you make money, save money. She is not an extravagant person and sometimes will tell you not to buy her expensive and not useful gift. She is the type who enjoy a long and quiet walk. Cancer woman also influenced by the "moon", so under the moon light she will be fascinating woman. She has a constant fear for many things. She fear of not being smart enough, not pretty enough. Even if she is not fat, she will not be satisfy. Assuring her of her look would help, because she can change mood 4 times a day. She is not stingy, but you will not surprise if you see she collecting old or broken junks. She sees that everything are useful to her. She will find a way to re-use it again some day. She is not a jealous type,but possessive.The best part of her is that she will sacrifice everything for her love one with no limit. Don’t leave her in times of troubles, she will never forget it. She is not a weak type, even she looks like one, Example if you argue with her, she might cry her heart out. Once you left, she will wipe her tears and start clean up her apartment normally. She is a very careful mother and will look after her kids every steps of the way. If she is a mother of your children, you are at ease, but if she is your mother in law, you are in pain. Not to worry, this type of mother in law will not let her own daughter being an "Old mate". She could be moody and argue with you in many little things like many women, but she always wait and want to take care of you. If you argue with her and disappear a few days, she will be waiting for you, but not for long O.K. This kind of testing is risky, try not to do it. The Cancer woman need 2 things to be happy which are "Work" and "Love". She can be live in a dusty house, but she can not live in that same house with no Love. 

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