07 December 2012

tips di dapur..annabel karmel punye

arini dok ralik menulis log book utk internal audit next week. tibe2 rase boring. maka sayee pun bukak annabel karmel. cari2 resipi. ingt nk bg solleh mkn pasta plak lpas ni. aritu ada jmpa baby pasta kat giant. tapi tak beli pun. pasni bole la try. hehe. bila dah boring tgk resipi, sayee jmpa ini. dan sayee nk copy kat sini. hehe.

Making Breadcrumbs

To make breadcrumbs ahead whiz a loaf of bread in a food processor and then freeze in a plastic bag, you can then scoop out as many grams as you need from frozen.

Baking Potatoes

Prick potatoes with a fork before baking as this prevents them from bursting. You can speed up baking potatoes by cooking them in the microwave first and then finish off in the oven  to crisp up.

Making Dough

When working with dough, don’t flour your hands, coat them with olive oil instead to prevent sticking.

Cooking Dough

Cookies will spread if your dough is too pliable, this usually happens when the butter gets too soft. Try refrigerating the dough for an hour before baking.

Carving Roast

It is important to let a roast – beef, chicken , pork or lamb sit a while before carving. This allows the juices to retreat back into the meat. If you carve a roast too soon, much of its goodness will spill out onto the carving board.

Juicing a Lemon

Microwave a lemon for 15 seconds and you will double the juice you get before squeezing.

Slicing Hard Boiled Eggs

When slicing a hard boiled egg, try wetting the knife jut before slicing. If that doesn’t do the trick, try applying a bit of cooking spray to the edge.

Fresh Herbs

When using fresh herbs such as chives, dill, parsley etc..held them together in small bunches and snip with kitchen scissors. Its  a lot faster and the the herbs will not be bruised and wet as they often get when chopped.

Keep Salt From Clogging

To keep salt from clogging in the shaker, add half a teaspoon of uncooked rice.

Dental Floss

Don’t just keep dental floss in your medicine cabinet. Unflavoured dental floss is good for cutting soft foods like dough, soft cheese, cheese cake and layered cakes.

Boiling Eggs

Add a little salt or vinegar to your boiling water when cooking eggs, then a cracked egg will stay in its shell.

Removing Jelly From A Jelly Mould

To easily remove a jelly from a mould, lightly brush the mould with oil before pouring in the liquid jelly mixture.

Cooking on Skewers

When using wooden skewers for kebabs, soak in cold water for 10 to 30 minutes to prevent them from burning. If using metal skewers, choose square or twisted skewers as food tends to fall off round skewers.

Peeling Ginger

Peel ginger by scraping the edge of a teaspoon. If you don’t use it all then freeze it and you can use it next time.

Corn on the Cob

Boil corn for 7 minutes. Put the corn directly into boiling water and do not add salt. Overcooking will not soften the corn and decreases the flavour.

Handling Raw Poultry

You must take care to always wash your hands, knife and cutting board in hot soapy water after preparing poultry.

How to Steady A Mixing Bowl

To keep a mixing bowl from sliding around while you are stirring or whisking, simply place on a damp kitchen towel.

Freezing Extra Portions

It’s a good idea when cooking a dish like a cottage pie to make two and freeze one. It also a good idea if you have children to make one large family sized cottage pie and several individual portions in ramekins and pop them in your freezer. That way  you can always have some good home cooked food for your children on days when you don’t have time to cook. 

Baking Bread

There are five stages of bread making and you can remember them with this sentence  Mary  Knits Red Knickers  Pretty Badly
Mary  = Mixing
Knits  =  Kneading
Red    =  Rising
Knickers = Knocking back
Pretty  =  Proving
Badly  =  Baking

Measuring Golden Syrup

When measuring golden syrup if you heat your spoon in hot water before you measure out the syrup, it will slide off easily.

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh as they are frozen within hours of being picked thus locking in all the nutrients.

Ripening Fruit

A lot of the fruit and vegetables you buy in the supermarket is now ripe and hard as a rock. Put the fruit in a brown paper bag and store in a dark place for a day or two. This will help ripen fruits like avocado, bananas, kiwi fruit, peaches etc.

Stop Your Pan Boiling Over

Rub butter or margarine on the rim of a pot in which you cook rice or macaroni and it won’t boil over.

Shopping List

Keep a note pad in your kitchen and keep a running shopping list writing down items as you run out of them.  


For best results when baking cakes use butter and eggs that are at room temperature.
Preheat the oven. This ensures that your cake will be cooked evenly and at the right temperature.
To check if its cooked, insert a skewer or cocktail stick into the centre. If it comes out clean, the cake is done. If it has food stick to it, continue to cook the cake for a few minutes.
Always cool your cake in the tin for 10 minutes and then remove from the tin and place on a wire rack to cool completely.
To remove a cake from a loose-bottomed tin, place on a tin, can or jar and press the side of the tin downwards. This allows easy removal of the base and cake from the sides of the tin.
Allow at least ¾ of the cooking time to elapse before opening the oven door to check on your cake. Any earlier and the cake will sink.
Make sure your cake is completely cool before decorating to avoid crumbling.
Us a clean pastry brush to clean away any crumbs from the top or sides of your cake before decorating to help ensure a clean surface.
To cleanly cut through an iced cake, dip your knife in water to stop the icing from sticking.  

26 November 2012

Update utk nov..

1nov..rembat s3 utk bday present abg abdul..sayee plak reward diri sndiri dgn note 2..kebetulan dpt duit kutu leh ar rembat tanpa rase brsalah..kalau duit gaji je xrembat kot sedebuk cmni..

2nov..blk jengka dgn solleh lpas keje..ari yg kelam kabut..sbb kena g kursus 2 hari dan baju langsung x sempat kemas..dgn baju solleh lg, susu solleh lg, baju abg abdul lg..fuhhhh terasa supermom sgt aritu..hahaha

3nov..kat jengka..pg2 lg lpas abg abdul g keje, sayee baked moist choc cake..biasenye sayee pg2 masak bubur solleh..tp bday abg abdul punye pasal, bubur anak pun lmbt siap..haha..siap kek, sayee bwk g kedai kek utk tulis2..topping xsempat buat sbb aritu xde letrik..sayee kelam kabut nk g selamatkn susu solleh kat peti kedai..bole je la..lawa jgak masa tulis2 tu pun..hahaha happy birthday abd abdul..

potong kek kat best buffet cafe

wan dokong nena..abg abdul dokong solleh..sayee posing..haha

4nov..ahad..lepak kat umah gelanggi..lpas lunch blk jka semula..sbb ptg tu nk gerak g kl dah..sayee angkut solleh skali..sbb dia xnak sap botol kalau mlm..maka, pakej lengkap la angkut mak sayee skali..siang solleh tggl ngn wan dia masa sayee kursus..mlm direct feeding dgn sayee..

5nov..kami stay kat umah mak sedare kat balakong. Sayee kursus kat vistana. Maka sayee drive smpi stesen lrt sg besi, tggl kete situ..dan naik lrt ke titiwangsa..jimat dan x takut sesat2..selamat smpi dan selamat balik..tp seharian solleh reject botol sbb botol yoomi dia trtggl kat umah ktn..bg dia guna botol mam dia minum 8oz je..sket sgt..seb baik dia nak mkn bubur dan minum air masak..

kat umah mak sedare..dia baru bangun tdo..

6nov..oleh kerana sayee nak balik terus lepas kursus, sayee pun angkut solleh dan mak skali terus ke hotel. masa sayee kursus, mak lepak dalam bilik. smpi agak awal, maka kami sarapan dlu kat coffee house tu. abis kursus terus cabut balik jengka. smpi jengka kul 8pm++.

mandi dalam sinki vistana

7nov..travelling day..sayee kat jengka..

8nov..balik kuantan dengan solleh..tinggal dia kat umah pengasuh. petang tu amik botol yoomi dan pecut balik jengka semula. sbb solleh nak tinggal kat jengka. bagi abah dia berehat takyah berulang jka-ktn.

buat muka kesian taknak dok dalam car seat..otw balik jengka

9nov..sayee g keje dan balik jka semula lepas keje. seharian sayee diserang cherry berry smpi ke malam. mmg serupa tdo dalam tandas je malam tu. solleh tgh df pun sayee paksa stop bila nak membuang. dasat sungguh.

10nov..sayee mc..dok kat jengka..

11nov..balik gelanggi..mmg kebiasaan hari minggu kami balik gelanggi sebab hari bekerja mmg byk kat jengka..

12nov..sayee g keje..solleh tggl kat jengka..mggu yg kerja berselang2 dengan cuti..sayee g giant masa tghari dan dapat beli petpet 80kpg dgn harga 31hengget..terus borong 2 packs. NP 46 rasenye.. sayee mmg tak penah beli disposable diaper time takde sale..musim tengkujuh ni sayee byk pakai disposable diaper..cd simpan dlu kejap..lgpun byk ulang alik ke sana sini kan. tu yang prefer guna disposable.

bekalan utk anakanda ku..susu 6 botol..mknn utk 3 meals..

13nov..happy deepavali..sayee lepak best buffet cafe aje..

14nov..sayee g keje angkut solleh skali. sbb solleh kena g klinik..utk cucuk 6 bulan..mmg solleh delay 1 bulan sebab dia dok wad lama dlu kan..maka, umur 7 bulan kena cucuk utk 6 bulan..hehe..petang tu balik semula jka dengan solleh..

15nov..selamat tahun baru kepada seluruh umat Islam..sayee lepak best buffet cafe lagi..

16nov..sayee g keje..tgglkan solleh kat jka dengan susu 5 botol sahaja..mmg berdebar..seb baik cukup2 je smpi sayee selamat tibe ke jengka..mmg susu solleh yang stok dalam pantang dlu dah abis..berjaya jugak sayee abiskan tanpa sebarang pembaziran..alhamdulillah..petang tu solleh selsema sket..mlm tu sayee gosok ngn vicks..

amik gambar stok terakhir bulan 6..mengepam masa dalam pantang lagi..

17nov..cuti..lepak best buffet cafe lagiiii...alhamdulillah solleh tak selsema dah..tapi dia kuat betul berjaga..tdoo petang selepas 4 jam berjaga..kuat betul main..mlm tu solleh demam..sayee dah standby ubat demam siap2..tapi mlm tu sayee tak bagi ubat pun..demam sket2 je..

18nov..cuti..kami kat gelanggi..subuh tu solleh demam panas sungguh. kami bg dia mkn ubat demam..dia tdo tapi demam kebah sekejap je..maka, kami sepakat bawak solleh g hospital sebab suhu dah 38.2. smpi emergency, suhu dia 39.6. kena sebijik sup pcm. terus berpeluh..doktor kata tonsil bengkak..dan dia bg balik..mlm tu muntah selambak..

19nov..demam tak kebah jgak..sayee mmg amik cuti sbb solleh ada appointment dengan doktor yang jaga dia masa meningitis dlu. masa ni dia tdoooo je. mmg tak bermaya langsung..check suhu 39.1. terus doktor tahan. kena masuk wad. sayee pasrah je. yang penting nak anak sihat..smpi wad, suhu dah 40.5 kena supp pcm 2 biji. drip air pun ada jugak. pastu dia tdo je. demam dah ok alhamdulillah..

suhu 40.5 tdooo dan mengempeng je

lepas 2 bijik supp pcm masuk von-tot dah bole main bola

20nov..suhu turun naik 37-38..dia dah aktif sket main2..tapi langsung tanak mkn. dia nak biskut dia je. bubur tanak bukak mulut langsung..

cubaan utk mkn drip kat tgn tu

21nov..suhu dah stabil..36-37 je. syukur sgt..drip dah off..tapi antibiotik 3 kali sehari cam biasa..mlm tu econ rosak..badan dia naik ruam sbb berpeluh.

bersama dinosaur baru..abah bg upah dok wad 

tdo la..penat main dinosaur

22nov..ruam makin byk..seluruh badan..rupenyeee solleh kena demam campak..takpe la sayang, kena masa kecik takda parut..pujuk diri sendiri..tapi doktor bagi balik..sambung antibiotik kat umah..oral intake utk 5 hari..masih lagi taknak mkn..biskut dan menyusu je lah..

melepek lepas mandi pagi..ngntuk lg la tu

23nov..ruam kat muka dah kurang..tggl kat badan dan kaki..

24nov..semakin ok dah solleh..skeee sangat..mkn pun dah selera..semangat semula sayee nak masak utk dia..

25nov..dah aktif cam biasa.. badan dia susut sket sbb x mkn sgt..tapi selera makan dah ok sangat2 dah..skee sayee suap dia mkn..petang tu kami sekeluarga balik ke kuantan semula..lebey kurang sebulan tak balik tdo kat kuantan..

finally home..taman impian perdana..layan bola harimau dibaham singa

26nov..solleh kat umah pengasuh..sayee g keje cam biasa..dan sayee curi2 masa utk tulis blog ni..hahahha..yang sedeynye, bubur solleh sayee masak byk smlm masa kat gelanggi..utk mkn hari ni skali..tapi dalam perjalanan tu kami lmbt smpi sebab jalan sesak masa nak kuar hway..maka, bubur solleh rosak..pg tadi baru sayee sedar..dah tak sempat nak masak yang baru..maka, harini solleh mkn bubur hasil tangan mama dia..terima kasih kakna..

15 November 2012

Sebulan sudah berlalu...

Lama btul tak update blog ni..abis bersawang dah..

Seperti biase sayee pun tatau la sayee bz dgn ape smpi x update blog..agaknye sayee ni mmg malas kot..ngaku je la kan..hahaha..

Oh btw..ni 1st time sayee tulis blog guna handphone..

Ok..cukup la dlu utk bgtau sayee masih idup..hihihi...ni sayee attach kn gmbo solleh yg latest..byeeee...

11 October 2012

promote cloth diaper kat doktor

al kesah nye begini...

anakanda solleh dan makbonda nya (sayee lah) diserang batuk dan selsema.. dek kerana kerinduan memuncak kepada ayahanda nye... heehhehe..

mlm tadi kami berjaga bersama2 berdua2an di bawah lampu toilet yang terang benderang..sebab sama2 tak bole tido.. main lawan sape batuk lagi kuat.. bole???

solleh penah sekali batuk masa tu kami masih kat spital (read here here here). doctors slalu check paru2 dia takut ada kahak. kerap ok doc check. sayee pun risau la bila solleh diserang batuk lg. maka, pagi tadi sayee dgn rela hatinya bawak solleh g klinik sebab nak check paru-parunye. alhamdulillah lungs is clear.

kesah promote cloth diaper pun bermula begini. masa doc nk check paru2 tu, dia suh sayee selak baju solleh. dia suh sayee bukak baju dr bawah sbb sayee pakaikan rompers. maka, terserlah la cd solleh kan. siap sayee pakaikan matching dengan baju arini. doc ckp, "matching la baju awak dengan spenda awak ni sayang'... hahaha.. doc tu pompuan. lembut sgt.. tu yg bersayang2 bagai dengan patient kenit di pagi hari.

pastu sayee pun jawab la, ni bukan spenda tapi lampin yang bole basuh tu. dia terus tunjuk minat yang mendalam. sbb dia penah dengar kat Wanita Hari Ini TV3 tu tapi tak penah jmpa secara live si pemakai. dia pun ada baby lelaki umur 7bulan. tu pasal dia mesra sangat ngn solleh kot sbb dia dok ingat kat anak dia. hehehe.

doc tanye harga, sayee bgtau coolababy rm20, lunatots 60++ etc etc. pastu dia tanye cara basuh, cara nak hntr pengasuh, cara nak simpan seme lah. sayee pun citer la. lama plak borak dalam tu. seb baik takde patient lain selepas solleh. hehehe.

last skali masa nk kluar tu, dia siap suh sayee eja coolababy camne. dia nak search kat mudah. hahhaha. gembira rasa dapat promote pasal cd kat doktor. ilang sket rasa risau kat batuk solleh. lgpun doktor dah check paru2 clear. alhamdulillah.

10 October 2012

kakak nena..

baru lagi citer pasal kakak nena dah pandai ckp, pandai panggil mummy abah wan aki mak etc etc..pandai mintak nasi, pandai bgtau kalau yaakkk dan mcm2 lagi lah... tibe2 hari ni dah nak dapat adik. yes, mummy illa is expecting.. hoooyeeeehhhhh...

ske2 je sayee tlg announce kan.. siap tampal kat blog ku lagi...

tahniah mummy... angah doakan along sihat sepanjang pregnant kali ni.. dan semoga dapat bersalin normal plak kali ni.. jaga makan tu, jgn mkn manis2.. nti kena g klinik 4 kali sehari.. nti kena masuk wad sokmo plak.. hehehehe..

skeeeee nyeeee dengan berita ni... 

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

sebenarnye sayee sangat amat serabut pagi tadi.. ntah kenapa sayee betul2 tak larat pagi tadi.. tekak ni perit je rase nak batuk.. maka sayee dengan aman damai tdo lepas abg abdul g keje.. lupe langsung botol dah takde utk bawak g opis.. cukup2 untuk letak susu bekal g umah mama solleh je.. cd solleh pun dah 10 helai bersidai kat penyepit dalam bilik air tu. tunggu masa nk dibasuh..solleh plak pandai nk bermanja pagi tadi.. nak berdokong je.. agaknye dia pun dapat rasa dalam perut mummy ada 'adik'.. tu yg manja lebey2 kott... 

ape2pun, berita ni mmg menghilangkan seme stress sayee di pagi hari.. hehehehe...

09 October 2012

anak mak~bonda

dah lama tak citer pasal anak sulong sayee ni. aina qaisara la. sape lagi. solleh anak no satu. anak sulong sayee aina qaisara. hehehe. complicated? takde lah..

aina dah nak masuk 21bulan x lama lagi. mcm2 perkataan dah dia pandai ckp. panggil wan pass, aki pass, abah dah lama pass, mummy jadi ammi, baby pun dah pass, solleh jadi ayehh. hehehe.

bole ckp;

nak itutttt..
nak airr..
nak mandi camne tah dia sebut.. tak reti nk eja pelat dia tu.. hehe.
nak nasyik pandai..
kalau dah bubu dia bgtau dia yakkk.
kalau nk keluar bilik pun dah pandai ckp nak kuarr.

latest; dah pandai panggil MAK. sayee lah tu. sejak ada solleh sayee pun tukar la bonda jadi mak. senang, xyah tukar2 nk ckp ngn solleh n aina nnti2.

masa awal2 nk ajar dia panggil mak tu, kelako sgt. sayee tunjuk kat seme org, seme dia kenal n leh sebut nama. bile sayee tanye mane MAK, dia tatau. sayee pun tunjuk la sayee ni MAK. lepas tu sayee tanye semula mane MAK. dia bole tunjuk kat diri dia plak. abis seme org gelakkk. 


hmmm. aina dah pandai pilih lagu. kalau bukak youtube, dia nnti pilih lagu siti n hafiz tu. mutiara hati ek? yg lagu tema adam dan hawa tu. mummy dia la punye pasal, slalu dok tgk citer cinta tu. dia pun naik hafal dah kot. lagi satu dia ske lagu kuatkan radio. ada video dia joget lagu tu, comel betul budak tu.

aina sangat sayang kat adik solleh dia. kalau nmpk sayee je mesti dia panggil "babyyyyy", siap ada intonasi dia sendiri. manja betul cara dia panggil tu. kalau adik tarik rambut dia, dia tahan je. sambil jerit "ambuttt..ambuttt.." hhihihihi.. baikkan kakak nena???

solleh dah panggil. lain kali plak sambung citer. 


08 October 2012

new routine...

dlu masa solleh belom makan, rutin sayee bila balik keje;

simpan susu yg baru pam kat opis
basuh, sterilize botol yang guna kat umah pengasuh
bilas cd
mandi, solat

sambil2 buat seme ni dapat la main ngn solleh. tu pun sebelom dia tdo je la. sbb solleh ni jenis tdo awal. kadang2 tu lom maghrib dah nk tdo, tapi sayee saje tahan kan nk tunggu masuk maghrib dlu. bila dia dah start tdo, biasenye tak bangun dah kecuali time menyusu.

skang ni bila solleh dah start makan, rutin sayee bertambah la sket. im not complaining, cuma bercerita je.

balik keje, lepas simpan susu yg baru pam kat opis tu, sayee akan terus kuarkan 2 ketul solleh punye frozen homemade baby food. botol2 n cd kotor letak tepi dlu.

frozen baby food tadi sayee panaskan semula dalam microwave. cepat dan mudah. lepas tu terus bagi solleh makan. maka, masa sayee main dengan solleh lama la sket. sbb kami sgt enjoy time makan tu. solleh punye la selera mkn, dan sayee pun seronok je dapat tgk dia makan. dan bangga jugak la sbb dia mkn my homemade baby food tu. walaupun bukan tiap2 hari sayee berperang kat dapur nak masakkn utk dia, tapi frozen pun sayee jugak yg prepare. solleh tetap dapat merasa air tangan sayee setiap hari kan.

pengorbanan yang terpaksa dikorbankan oleh ibu bekerja. kalau ikutkan, seme ibu nak tgk anak membesar depan mata hari2. tapi apakan daya, kehidupan perlu diteruskan. hehhe. jauh plak melalut.

oh, lagi satu nk citer. solleh dah ada gigi. tumbuh gigi umur 5 bulan 3 minggu. mak skeeee!!

tapi penat la nak menjerit bila dia test power gigi dia tu time menyusu. huhuhu.

merangkak : belom lg. baru pandai pusing2 masa meniarap. dah macam jarum jam dinding. hehehe.

tadi g check up 6 bulan. seme nye normal je. alhamdulillah. bcg scar pun dah ada. 

berat latest : 7.0 kg. patut la lenguh tangan dah dokong dia. hehehe. mak skeee anak mak membesar bak juara!!

masa ni mak dia baru tau dia ada gigi dah...!! yeayy !!

03 October 2012

WW#17 solleh dan makanan pejal nya

sayee mak yg excited. tak abis2 nak citer dia suap anak dia makan. hehehe.

ni muka selepas mkn his 1st solid food.
tgk tu, smpi kembang idung ske sgt. haha.
abaikan novel adam dan hawa kat ujung tu ye. opssss.

kurma utk solleh.
lepas buang kulit luar tu, sayee steam kan dengan hot water.
then penyek2 kan kasi solleh.
pinjam sudu merah kak nena sbb mak solleh lom beli sudu dan mangkuk utk solleh.

solleh and his solid feeding gadgets.

mangkuk biru tu MAM punye. dapat sudu skali. sudu tu plak bole bertukar warna mengikut susu makanan. sayee beli sbb dia ada 2 bahagian. nti dah mkn snacks bole la asingkan main dish dan snacks. ngade sgt mak dia kan..

botol air biru tu pun MAM punye. sayee nk ajar solleh minum air kosong dalam botol ni. kalau ok, nnti2 bole bg EBM guna botol ni jugak. hehehe.

yang solleh tgh pegang tu plak mangkuk pureen. skali ngn sudu jugak. sayee beli sbb comel sangat.

variasi muka kekenyangan kot ni. hehehe.

29 September 2012

solleh ~ taking solid

alhamdulillah. akhirnya solleh dapat menjamah mknn selain susu mak.

smlm solleh umur 5 bulan 2 minggu. di tghari jumaat yang mulia, sayee dan abg abdul sama2 suapkan solid utk solleh. kami pilih buah kurma sebagai makanan pertama solleh. masa nk suap tu, sayee rase berdebar sgt. tak sabar pun ada. sedey pun ada. ye lah, tak sabar sebab bila suap anak mkn, rase mcm anak dah besar sgt. tu yg tak sabar nak anak besar sehat bla bla blaaaa... sedey plak, selama ni dia hanya minum susu sayee kan. sedey la nak suapkan dia sesuatu yang bukan dari sayee. takpe lah. dah smpi masa dia mkn kan.

pasal umur dia plak. sayee mmg niat nk tggu smpi 6 bulan. tapi sayee rase dia dah bersedia nak makan. ye lah, Bella anak barely supermommy pun makan masa 5 bulan ++ jugak. doktor tu. pun bole bagi. takkan engineer tak leh bagi. hehehhe. takpe, instinct mak lebey baguz dari buku perubatan doktor. ekekeke.

ok lah, details nnti sayee citer entry lain. solleh dah bgn tdo ni. takleh nk sambung blogging.


20 September 2012

what type of girl who wrote this to her father?

I have a story to be told, to be shared. It's about a girl without a father. 

This girl lived with her mother, since his father with his first wife and four other children. People saw her life is fun, happy despite the emptiness in her family. She lived as a normal girl, she still could smile like other girl with parents does. But, sometimes when other asked her about her father, there's something made her sad. 

She started thinking of her step-siblings and stepmother. She remembered when she was still a toddler, her stepmother and stepsisters came to their house and shouted at her mother of taking his husband bla,bla,bla and whatsoever. At that time, the girl could only just watch behind the door.

As she grow up, she kept thinking about the same thing. She thought that she deserved to have her father back. She still had her father's name after her name. She still had her father's DNA rushing in her body. She deserved it. Though her father came like, twice a year, and gave RM1k or RM2k. But still, she didn't get her father's love. 

And, she vowed to herself. She'll defeat her step-siblings in every matter. She could continue her life without her father and she could prove to his father that she is better than the others of her step-siblings. She still had her mother to be beside her. For her, her mother is the best and is better than any other mother. Her mother is her father, too. 

She studied hard. And now, she found her success. 

19 September 2012

WW#16 julai, ogos dan september

sebenarnye skang tgh zaman kemeruduman susu. sayee sangat amat risau. sbb semakin kerap guna stok beku tanpa gantikan semula. risau stok semakin susut. maka, sayee kena rajin2 tgk gambar stok sayee skang. buat motivasi.

dlu masa susu tak merudum, sayee risau sangat takut stok sayee tak sempat guna smpi dah expired. agaknye Allah bg masa susu merudum ni nk suh kurangkan sket stok supaya takde pembazairan berlaku. ye lah, kalau expired kan membazir.

untuk masa skang ni, stok bulan julai ada lebey kurang 200 oz. ogos ada lebey kurang 80 oz. dan bulan september ada lebey kurang 30 oz. bulan ogos stok dapat sket je sebab cuti raya lama sgt. masa cuti raya sayee langsung takde buat stok. mengepam ada tapi terus bg solleh minum. bulan sept pun dapat sket sebab awal bulan tu dah start merudum. skang dah ok sket tapi belom smpi ke tahap asal lg.

aritu sayee ada kena keje kat luar area tmloh jtut. solleh dok ngn MIL sebab sayee berulang dari umah PIL. masa tu sayee guna frozen EBM yg simpan kat deep freezer mak sayee. terus la sayee check skali stok tu. masih ada yang bulan mei dan jun belom abis. tapi deep freezer bole simpan 6 bulan ++.

~~seperti biasa la, walaupun entry WW tapi membebel kalah nenek kebayan. hahahaha.

13 September 2012

abdullah solleh 4 months

14 ogos 2012 ~ 13 sept 2012

pemakai tegar cloth diaper

hari ni sayee nak kongsi citer pasal pengalaman sayee memakaikan solleh cloth diaper (CD) aka lampin moden secara tegar. ye lah, xkan sayee plak pemakai tegar CD. mesti la anakanda abdullah solleh ku itu. hiks.

mmg sebelom pregnant lg sayee byk gugel pasal CD dan terus berazam nk pakaikan pada anak sendiri nnti. masa tu siap promote kat SIL lg suh pakai CD ni. sbb dia dpt baby dlu. sayee lmbt sket. sayee mmg ske bende2 yang menjimatkan dan menyihatkan alam ni. sbb tu la promote kat sana sini. hikss..

citer pasal CD ni sayee lmbt sket nk kongsi sebabnye mmg byk cabaran nk jadi pemakai tegar ni. CD ni sensitif cam EBM jugak. kena betul2 ikut spec dia, baru dia beri kerjasama yang terbaik. sayee mula pakai CD lepas pantang. start hntr anak kat pengasuh baru pakai CD. masa mula lahir sayee tak gamak plak nak pakai CD sbb sayee tak dibenarkan buat keje berat. udah tu sape nak basuhkn CD. sian la kat mak sayee. byk bende nk kena buat jaga org dalam pantang kan.

start pertengahan bulan jun sayee masuk keje dan start pakai CD. 2 bulan gak ar makan masa nak betul2 terror jaga CD ni. kire takde kebocoran langsung la. mula pakai tu rase geram seme ada. sbb sayee dah pre-wash byk kali tapi bocor jugak. siap tanda lg CD yang mana pakai mmg confirm bocor. hehehe.

tapi skang, seme CD termasuk CD yang confirm bocor tu pun dah tak bocor. hebatttt sgt. rase sayang sangat kat seme CD sayee. eh, CD solleh. silap...

sayee ada 21 kpg CD. 3 kpg brand lunatots, 5 kpg brand little buddy, 12 kpg brand coolababy dan 1 kpg brand mango tree. harga plak; lunatots rm65 sekeping, little buddy sayee beli pakej rm148 dapat 5 kpg dan 1 wetbag, coolababy rm240 dapat 12 kpg + 12 extra insert dan mango tree harga rm27++ sekeping tapi sayee redeem point kat fabulous mom. mango tree ada 2 insert gak tapi sayee saje try beli yang jenis charcoal kaler itam tu. jenis button plak sayee ada 3 kpg. sayee lagi ske yang velcro, tapi sayee nk try yang button. ok je pakai. yg penting serapan sempurna. hehehe.

so total sayee ada 21 kpg CD dan 35 kpg insert / soaker. insert tu lambat sket nk kering compare to shell luar dia tu. so, kalau shell dah kering tapi insert tak kering, leh la tukar2 dengan yg extra tu. kadang2 sayee letak 2 insert kalau nk pakai sepanjang malam. kalau pakai satu insert je, sayee akan tukar CD kul 2 atau 3 pagi tu.

sesi cuci mencuci plak, sayee bekalkan wet bag kat pengasuh. so, yg kotor tu dia masuk dalam wetbag, petang sayee kutip la wetbag tu bawak balik. masa sayee mandi petang, sayee akan bilas seme CD yg bawak balik dr umah pengasuh tu. kalau ada poo poo, sayee buang dlu dalam tandas kemudian sayee bilas. lepas bilas, bole je nak letak dalam baldi bertutup. tapi sayee lebey ske gantung supaya tak berpengap. sayee basuh CD guna mesin basuh selang sehari. biasenye skali basuh tu dalam 9 atau 10 keping CD. sayee kan ada 21 kpg, so mmg cukup la setakat ni kalau nk basuh selang 2 hari pun. tapi sayee tak ske basuh byk skali gus. takut tak sempat kering.

ni la serba sket pengalaman sayee dengan CD. nk tunjuk gambar plak lah.

cd yg siap dibilas tunggu waktu utk dicuci.
insert sayee sepit kan.
shell sayee sidai cmtu je. sayee alas dengan seluar lama sebab takut kena karat besi penyidai tu.
wet bag pun sayee bilas nk ilangkn bau.

sayee susun seme CD dalam laci camni.
lepas kering, sayee terus lipat siap2 bile nak guna terus amik je.
yg belakang tu insert extra.

sayee basuh guna sabun Pureen HAD (Hypo Allegenic Detergent)

insert tak yah masuk dalam net.

shell dia sayee masuk dalam net.

air full, sabun plak separuh penutup.
jgn risau, confirm putih bersih nya CD tu.

solleh menggayakan CD lunatots

yg ni plak little buddy in action

coolababy in action

jemur time.
shell tu jemur terbalik cmtu supaya bhgn dalam kena direct ngn matahari.
utk serapan yang lebih baik.
kalau cuaca mendung, sayee jemur cmni jugak. tapi bila dah kering sket tu, sayee masuk dalam dryer jugak.

awal2 dlu abg abdul slalu bising jugak bila CD bocor. kalau anak tukar diaper dengan dia, mesti dia akan pakaikan disposable diaper. oh, sayee memang standby disposable diaper jugak. guna bila nk balik kampung atau bila terdesak CD tak sempat kering. dan bila sayee buat strip wash besar2an, sayee akan gunakan disposable jugak. bukan tak guna langsung. tapi at least, sayee bole berjimat tak perlu beli disposable diaper sokmo2. duit penjimatan tu bole bayarkan insurans solleh. hehehe. citer pasal insurans entry lain la plak. daaaaaaa.

~~kalau ada ape2 yang nk dikongsi lagi pasal CD, akan ada entry lain menyusul k...

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