20 September 2012

what type of girl who wrote this to her father?

I have a story to be told, to be shared. It's about a girl without a father. 

This girl lived with her mother, since his father with his first wife and four other children. People saw her life is fun, happy despite the emptiness in her family. She lived as a normal girl, she still could smile like other girl with parents does. But, sometimes when other asked her about her father, there's something made her sad. 

She started thinking of her step-siblings and stepmother. She remembered when she was still a toddler, her stepmother and stepsisters came to their house and shouted at her mother of taking his husband bla,bla,bla and whatsoever. At that time, the girl could only just watch behind the door.

As she grow up, she kept thinking about the same thing. She thought that she deserved to have her father back. She still had her father's name after her name. She still had her father's DNA rushing in her body. She deserved it. Though her father came like, twice a year, and gave RM1k or RM2k. But still, she didn't get her father's love. 

And, she vowed to herself. She'll defeat her step-siblings in every matter. She could continue her life without her father and she could prove to his father that she is better than the others of her step-siblings. She still had her mother to be beside her. For her, her mother is the best and is better than any other mother. Her mother is her father, too. 

She studied hard. And now, she found her success. 

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