03 April 2007


03 april 2007~ great day… :D 

hehe..yesterday my supervisor msg me.. asked me to come to his opis.. dis early mowning i woke up.. tak sabar2 nak g skul.. :D hehe..pastu the meeting was GREAT k… im really happy.. he said something about my grade.. utk fyp la obviously.. happy nye i.. :D :D :D 

to those yg crazy to noe about it.. plz ask me.. i will tell u every detail.. plzzzzz ask!!! trust me.. i akan ckp.. :D hehehe i sgt happy… :D:D
not juz dat.. he also mention about my LI.. he said he will help me to reg.. and i dun have to come all the way from pahang to penang juz for registration.. well.. he is very nice person.. very helpful.. plz giv me suggestion.. i nak kasi sumthing kat dia.. tanda appreciate.. hehe..
i went to library at 2pm.. till 6 dok study kat library.. when i reached home.. ada mende TAK best jadikk.. pasal kucing.. i juz hate cat.. for no reason.. :( i kena marah kerana seekor kucing.. cant u imagine dat? erghh.. tensitensi.. :(
till fingers meet keyboard again.. gtg.. adios my amigoss.. muahxx.. :)

Coral Speaking.. :D

Kolej Chermai in Memory..

Mum! Oh mum! What place is this in the middle of nowhere? And you want me to stay here for a whole year?”
“Please sweetheart, take this as a blessing in disguise”

“Mama have to go now, I have to reach Kedah before it gets dark. You take care of yourself ok, study hard and be good girl.”
“InsyaAllah, I love you mum, I’ll try my best.”

“Oh, darling! You’re big already… Umm, if you want to come back with me, you still have time.”
“Come on mum, there is no turning back. I’m not going to die here. I will survive you don’t worry.”

There are so many exciting experiences on the first day we step into Chermai College.
But, as we continue our life in KC…
We built the feeling of love, friendship and also respect towards others.
So we are here today on this memorable evening
To present a poem entitled ‘KC in memory’
Hope you enjoy yourself

Every morning the sun peers over the hills
The birds chirping cheerfully
The whizzing sounds of the insects
The wind carries the fruity aromas of buah belimbing
What a splendid place to stay
What a suitable place to study
In fact we can runaway from the business of the city
“Uh, what place is this? Never heard of it.”
You silly, where else Chermai College
Or better known as KC of course..
One day,
An owl went into our lecture hall
Not knowing how and when it went in
And there’s one time
A boar sneaks into our hostel
“Oh my God that is so disgusting!”
But we understand because KC is surrounded by jungles
So… No hal la.

Let’s carry on to the next topic “Lecturers”
They’re great!!
Not only they are smart
But also they are
Good looking, pretty, funny and
Hmmm… May be…
“Bak kata cikgu lama saya, Prinsip Le Chateliar”
Encik Nasir loves to say that…
A happy goes lucky man and has a sense of humour
“Aku pun tak paham” and “Bosar ni!”
Guess who??
Sir Vella and Sir Ng are the chosen one…
“Ok, U all salin dulu”
That reminds me of Pn. Rina.
She loves to smile, it is nice to look at her…
Huh… such a cute face.
And not forgetting her husband En. Razali
“Saya nak awak ingat sampai mati.”
He may look strict, but actually he’s awesome…
Do you recognize this?
“Betul cikgu…”
I bet you do, who else!!
The one and only En. Hasyim
Hey who is sitting beside him?
“Kamu faham tak, takde ape-ape soalan, hebat!”
“I know, I know Pn. Putri right.
She so vogue, I wish I could have a body like her.”
Ok that’s enough
Let’s carry on.
They are not the only lecturers that married to their own colleague
Can you guess whom?
The husband has a very large and powerful body and his wife is
So small and cute…
That’s right En. Syamir and Pn. Anita.
Oh we left out another couple
That had just married last year
Our very own Senior Assistant Of Student Affairs
En. Azhar and his lovely wife Pn. Alina.

There are still lecturers that are still available.
Eligible bachelors
En. Norhisyam, En. Sazman, En. Jefri, En. Faisal and En. Faizal.
Eligible maiden
Cik Adila, Cik Masnita, Cik Julia, Cik Sufina and Cik Mazidah.
But I think they have someone in their mind.
“Who is it?”
Want to know more… Ask them la..
What do we know, we’re only students
Last but not least, our beloved principal, En.Ibrahim Ismail.
Thank you for your wisdom and support that had built up our spirits.
Fuhh… We wish we could talk about other lecturers that we would
Love to include.
Well… the time is pretty jealous on us.
But we love you all…

Let’s proceed to the next topic.. HOT topic..
As the teenagers, its normal thing to fall, fall, fall in love.
Puppy love… That’s what we call.
“Do you know this guy?”
“Aha… aha… yes, I know him, he’s so cute, adorable”
“Ohhhhhhhh my God, he’s coming this way”
“Ehemm… Assalamualaikum sekarang dah 11.30, tak nak masuk ke?”
“O.k… Mum I love you.. Bye”
“We are going in already… Sorry…”

Dengan ini.. saya Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja ,
Mengisytiharkan tarikh hari raya Aidilfitri adalah pada….
“Yeah esok raya, yea… esok raya, yea esok raya”
“Lusa la…”
Everybody just can’t wait to go home
And celebrating the Hari Raya with their families.
Some can’t even concentrating on their studies
Thinking about their new baju kurung and baju melayu
Thinking about lemangs and ketupats
Realizing how much they miss about their loves ones
But as students we must go on with our life.
Keep in mind that studying is the first priority.

Another big event for the students is…
“The exam is near. What I going to do? I’m not prepared”
“Me too. I haven’t study a single thing, we’re going to die”
The exam fever that happens every time
It is near…
No body went out
The hostels is in silent mode
It seems like we are studying very hard
May be they are sleeping…
“Study konon”
But check out the results…
Gempak… hebat… Outstanding… Superb…
Great lecturers + great place makes
Great students…
Are we correct??
Sure we are
And that’s why we love KC so much…

But now, it’s time for us to leave,
As the time and tide wait for no man
People change.
But deep in our heart the memories of yesterday…
Remains forever…
We’ll treasure every single moment we spent here…
KC… we love you…

As we go on… we remember…
All the time we had together…
And as our life change
Come whatever
We will still be friends forever

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tibe2 jumpa nie kat KC nye page.. besttt nyeeee bace… saje nak abadikan kat my blog :D hehehe.. tgh nak exam nie.. bila bace part exam kat text tu.. momentum utk study datang bertimpa2.. kalah jaja nye momentum.. ekekekee… jaja jom study.. nnti mlm yeeee.. :D

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