03 April 2007


03 april 2007~ great day… :D 

hehe..yesterday my supervisor msg me.. asked me to come to his opis.. dis early mowning i woke up.. tak sabar2 nak g skul.. :D hehe..pastu the meeting was GREAT k… im really happy.. he said something about my grade.. utk fyp la obviously.. happy nye i.. :D :D :D 

to those yg crazy to noe about it.. plz ask me.. i will tell u every detail.. plzzzzz ask!!! trust me.. i akan ckp.. :D hehehe i sgt happy… :D:D
not juz dat.. he also mention about my LI.. he said he will help me to reg.. and i dun have to come all the way from pahang to penang juz for registration.. well.. he is very nice person.. very helpful.. plz giv me suggestion.. i nak kasi sumthing kat dia.. tanda appreciate.. hehe..
i went to library at 2pm.. till 6 dok study kat library.. when i reached home.. ada mende TAK best jadikk.. pasal kucing.. i juz hate cat.. for no reason.. :( i kena marah kerana seekor kucing.. cant u imagine dat? erghh.. tensitensi.. :(
till fingers meet keyboard again.. gtg.. adios my amigoss.. muahxx.. :)

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