18 August 2010

3 tahun yang lalu.....

180807~~it was my graduation day... Degree in Civil Engineering...i still remember how happy i am on that day.. sengeh sampai ke telinga.. serious.. sbnrnye tak sangka sayee bole grad..wpun tak sama dengan batch sayee yang lain, tapi sayee sama dengan dina!!! n yaya too.. tapi dia grad untuk master dah... 

tak kesah lah grad tahun bila pon, yang penting life after belajar kan? i managed to get a job anyhow..:D

layan je la gambar2 lama neh... masa ni sayee sangat itam sbb baru balik dari perhentian... :D

:me on stage:

:with abah:

:with mak:

:with along:

:big hugs from yaya:

with dina my BFF:

:and us with pedot and his bunga: lovely:

n now, after 3 years i already changed my job 3 times.. first, as C&S Engineer with consultant firm. 2nd one, as site engineer at construction site. oh i love this job but i have to quit because of the appendix thingy.. and now, here i am as Technical Exec. working with Roadcare (M) Sdn Bhd. i am no longer an Engineer. 

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