07 June 2010

day dreaming: vacation..vacation..vacation..

tajuk entry tak bole blah gedixnyee. hahaha.

Daisypath Vacation tickers

kalau tgk rakit kami tu, dah nak sampai ke pulau. chewahhh..

sejak kawen, kami belom penah pegi mane2 berdua. pendek kata mmg lom g honeymoon lagik. vacation ke cameron dlu bukan berdua tapi seramai 4 kereta skali ngn inLaws. tu la, dekat-dekat nak kawen maseng-maseng tukar keje, mane bole amik AL lama-lama kan. probation pun tak lepas lagi. sejak awal pon, mmg abg abdul ckp nak g honeymoon lambat-lambat sket. so, insyaAllah this is the time. hikhikhik.

plan asal nak g satu vacation je. tiket AirAsia KUL - LGK yg sudah lama ditempah tu. tapi kebetulan plak, rezeki kami dapat free voucher untuk 3D2N dari Swiss-Garden International Vacation Club. t&c untuk voucher ni, valid on sunday to thursday only. dengan tamak dan halobanya kami tukar plan jadi double vacation. 

oleh kerana cameron dah jadi our first vacation, yg kali ni jadi our 2nd vacation lah plak. kami pilih untuk menginap di Swiss-Court Holiday Apartment Damai Laut sebelom g Langkawi (3rd vacation). 

kalau tgk peta neh nmpk mcm dekat aje ngn pangkor kalau nak pegi menyeberang kan..? 
sempat snorkeling seround pun cukup ler..

belom tahu xtvt yg ada kat sini, tp since accommodation nye free aje, mari lah kita redah aje. baru kejap tadi sayee terima confirmation slip nye. kalau ada keizinan dari Allah swt, sampai la kami berdua ke sana. amin.

sayee google images tmpt ni, hasilnya;

mungkin bermandi-manda di kolam renang aje la xtvt kami nnti. di lumut ada ape ye? yg sayee tau, ada navy base. besides that? harus google more.

Lumut - a town by the sea home to the famous Outward Bound School. It is close to the town of Sitiawan, famous for its fresh and cheap seafood and Chinese-Foochow cuisine and also Teluk Batik, a beach on the coast of the Malacca Strait. Ferries to Pangkor Island depart from Lumut. Lumut is a small town (population 31,880) in the state of Perak, Malaysia, situated about 84 km south of Ipoh, 2 km from the town of Sitiawan and it is the gateway to Pangkor Island. It is a quaint little town famous for its beautiful seashell and coral handicrafts. This once little-known fishing town has since become the home base of the Royal Malaysian Navy. Places of interest at Lumut, Perak;

1) turtle sanctuary

Adopt your own turtle at our very own Turtle Sanctuary near Segari. Learn about the habitat of these creatures and watch them come to nest and lay their eggs in breeding season. You can help preserve these creatures.

2) mango paradise

The Mangifera Indica L. commonly known as Mango is believed to have originated from the Indo-Burma region and possibly also in South East Asia. Perak is one of the major states where mango is cultivated.

3) beautiful paddy fileds

Rice is the main food crop in Malaysia. Paddy fields can be seen amidst the pastoral landscape of rural Malaysia visit, especially during the harvest season can be an enriching experience.

4) pasir salak historical complex

Pasir Salak Historical Complex traces the history of Malaya through its 42 dioramas. Here too, stands the memorial dedicated to the first British Resident in Perak, J.W.W. Birch, who was assassinated by Dato' Maharaja Lela Dato' Sagor and Si Puntum.

7)...........the list goes on....... nnti bila dah balik sini semula, sayee update semula tmpat yang mane aje sayee pegi.

kami berdua sedang merancang perjalanan yang paling mudah dan selesa dan menjimatkan. untuk 3rd vacation plak, dari lumut kami akan memecut ke KUL untuk mengejar flight ke LGK. mudah2an perjalanan kami lancar pada hari itu. untuk bilik kat LGK plak, kami booking chalet di tepian pantai cenang. supaya senang nak mandi laut. pantai cenang adalah pantai yang paling cantik kat LGK rasenye. paling direkemen la. 

what to expect in LGK;

1) Air Hangat Village is a new tourism concept that sees the redevelopment of the former tourist spot known as Telaga Air Hangat (Hot Springs). The entertainment complex covers some four acres. Attractions include a 3-tier hot-spring fountain, 18 meters hand-carved riverstone mural depicting the legends of Air Hangat, day-long outdoor entertainment programme featuring Malaysian/ ASEAN cultural dances and traditional sports and games, live displays of Malaysian/ASEAN customs, Malay folk and classical dances are performed at the Park, alongside other traditional Malay art and craft activities like batik-painting, congkat playing and foot massage. Food and beverage facilities include a cafe, a lounge and a theatre restaurant. Duty free shopping is available at the pavilions. The village complex is only about 14 km from Kuah Town. 

2) Beaches. There are many beaches and coves around most islands. Yellow sands meet shallow waters and there’s always shade from coconut trees for relaxing. The Pantai Cenang / Pantai Tengah strip is the most developed with chalets, restaurants, and water sports. Relax here free of crowds and vendors. Superb beaches also exist at Pantai Kok, Burau Bay, Datai Bay, Pantai Tanjung Rhu, and Pantai Pasir Tengkorak. Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black Sand Beach) contains black minerals and fisher folk moor their colorful boats here.

3) Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) is Langkawi's most prominent landmark for visitors arriving by sea. Situated near the Kuah jetty, the main attraction of the square is thehuge eagle statuepoised for flight.According to local tales, the name Langkawiis derived from theword "helang". In old Malay, "kawi" denote reddish brown - hence, Langkawi means reddish brown eagle! This place offers a beautiful surroundings, scenic ponds, bridges, covered terraces, restaurants and barrel vaults made of bricks. Since it's close to the sea, one can really enjoy the cool breeze while strolling along the park. Indeed, thegigantic eagle is strategically positioned to welcome visitors to Langkawi. The Langkawi Lagenda Park is more than just a scenic park with beautiful gardens oflocal blooms, plants and fruit trees. It is a 50-acre park with 17 story-telling monuments &4 artificial lakes. This beautiful park highlights the many myths & legends of Langkawi including the legends of the fights of two heroic giants, mythical birds, evil ogres & beautiful princesses.

4) Mahsuri’s Tomb. About 12km from Kuah is Makam Mahsuri or the Tomb of Mahsuri, which is located within the Kota Mahsuri Complex in Ulu Melaka. Locals say this was the exact spot the fair maiden breathed her last after her execution in Padang Mat Sirat. This newly re-built complex replaces the previous one. It nowfeatures a museum with dioramas, the must-see Mek Mulung traditional theatre auditorium and reconstructions of Langkawi houses that represent the architecture popular during Mahsuri's time hundreds of years ago. This pleasant historical enclave makes for a leisurely walkabout. A traditional Malay warung (stall) sells refreshments with a sitting area over-looking the vast paddy fields of Ulu Melaka. Mahsuri's Well is also located within the complex. Where the restored Rumah Kedah (traditional Kedah house) stands is believed to be where Mahsuri's house originally stood. Before reaching Rumah Kedah you will see four local women preparing traditional snacks. The snacks - kuih loyang, kuih peneram and kuih karas - are sold at RM2 per packet or 20 sen per piece.

5) Pulau Dayang Bunting (must-go-here). It is said that Mambang Sari, the legends blessed the waters of Tasik Dayang Bunting that any woman who is unable to conceive, will be rewarded  with a child if she drank the water from the lake. Pulau Dayang Bunting is the second largest island of the Langkawi archipelago. Mambang sari is a mother who lost her child just after birth. the anguished mother chose the lake to bury her child. As she burried her child, he turned into a white crocodile. The same crocodile guards the lake till now, and only appears to those people who're pure at heart.

8)......the list goes on.........   

this is the plan as for now. i hope everything will goes well as planned. and we can have our first orientation trip together without any difficulties. amin....... =)

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