22 May 2010


This tag is called as "Interesting Tag"....kak jue tag sayee..

rules of this tag...
a. It’s harder than it’s looks….(ni bukan rules, tp warning kot..)
b. Copy to your own notes….
c. Erase my answers…..
d. Enter yours and tag twenty (20) people…..
f. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following question.They have to be real.Nothing made up.If the person before u had the same first initial, u must use different answers.
g. You cannot use any word twice…..
h. You can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question…..

ok, mula dari skang.. :D
~ What is your name ~ aNgAh aLiFaH
ni gambar kad nikah sayee. sumpah kelako!!

~ A four letter word ~ alam

~ A boy’s name ~ ammar naquiddin (my nephew)
ammarQudin @ pocoyo. refer entry ini

~ A girl’s name ~ ameliya nabila (my niece)
ammarQudin's sis

~ An Occupation ~ accountant

~ A colour ~ warna ASAS = biru, merah dan kuning

~ Something u wear ~ anak baju. hihihi.

~ A food ~ apple pie mcdonald. oh sedapnyeee!

~ Something found in the bathroom ~ alas kaki?

~ A place ~ australia

~ A reason for being late ~ alamak, bgn lambat!

~ Something u shout ~ "ABANG, tolong!!!! (ni kalau tgh emergency, kalau biase2 nak jerit, siapla sayee kena jeling mama juwie. hehe)

~ A movie title ~ alice in wonderland (refer; ini)

~ Something u drink ~ air laa

~ A musical group ~ ABBA, oldies tuuuuu..

~ An animal ~ alligator

~ A street name ~ aliran street. (sayee google neh..opss)

~ A type of car ~ audi

Then tag to 20 people
Sape2 yg rajin dialu-alukan membuat TAG ini! hehe, jalan pintas ;)


  1. Rajinnye...siap boh gambar lagi! ehehe...

  2. hehehe.. sayee rase tak best nak buat entry kalau xde gambar... so google je laa... hehehhe... thanx kak jue sbb tag sayee ;)



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