12 March 2010

my 1st 3D experience

Last night i had my 1st experience watching 3D movie at GSC East Coast Mall. to me it's a bit dizzy watching this. i actually got headache after the movie but sebbaik sayee tak kena jadi driver otw back. tp sempat marah2 org streamyx sebelom tdo. haha. still cant control my panas-baran things. this "Alice in Wonderland" movie, i give 3 out of 5 stars. i am not really like this kind of movie actually. brutal kan ske tgk perang2 lawan2 dan action movie jerrrr. tp layan gak ar tgk citer ni smlm. non-stress movie. hihihi.

the hole

the sexy dress - masa dah jadi kecik utk lalu ikut pintu kecik tuh

this is maybe the rabbit's cup. i love the dress that johnny depp made for her. its lovely.

mamat neh mmg ske act dlm this kind of movies kot skang neh. 

white queen kot. anne hathaway.

hahaha. red queen my fav. 
all photo source: google

~~kalau org ajak tgk 3D lg, rasenye xnak dah kot. kalau masuk pun, maybe tdo je laa.. sbb pening. tp mcm rugi tiket mahal. kalau ada org blanje, confirm sayee tdo!!

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