22 March 2010

Slope Engineering

"A slope failure is a phenomenon that a slope collapses abruptly due to weakened self-retainability of the earth under the influence of a rainfall or an earthquake. Because of sudden collapse of slope, many people fail to escape from it if it occurs near a residential area, thus resulting in a higher rate of fatalities."

There are a lots of things that we can learn in Slope Engineering. If, at least we have some information about this study, we can predict and alert about slopes in our residential area. By logic also we can observe certain slope near to us. Ada byk info di hujung jari, go google laaa. I used to work with consultant firm and I have experience handling (assist only..hehe) this kind of project. It was very interesting that we could learn about this.

1. Fraser Hill Jan 2008
Punca: poor drainage system. tidak cukup untuk menampung the increasing of the water table after 8 - 10 years.

 at first, only small one

macam menakutkan kan. tp jalan kat sana mmg mostly camni. memandu di lereng2 bukit. betol2 lereng.
 i managed to brought myself to the other side tho i gayat sketttt. this is the view form the other side.

the next visit on Feb 2008, its getting worse. seme jalan dah runtuh terus.
 seram n giler gayat.

masa ni dah sejuk kaki intai2 ke bawah so kena duduk dlu.

masa ni dtg ngn surveyor. let them do their work.

p/s: abaikan pakaian sayee yg terlalu ceria, sehari sebelom tu sayee g KLIA hntr miss mariati. shes flying off to sheffield. sesobss..

2. Bkt Genting, Jalan Kuantan - Kuala Lumpur early 2008.
Punca: Paip JBA di tepi jalan pecah, all the water from the pipe go down the slope and bring along half of the premix. Laluan 2 ni mmg jalan besar / jalan utama. utk TMP wajib ada traffic light.

pandangan dari bawah cerun.

gabion wall runtuh separuh

view from bawah again

this part covered by the gabion wall. minor failure only.

~~ masa sayee g buat umrah, bangunan kat sana mmg design and kiraannya x terjangkau dek pengetahuan sayee. bgnn kat sana didirikan atas batu2 besar. kat msia, if jumpa batu, kita remove kan. bimbang kat bawah batu tu ada tanah (so x stabil laa). tp kat sana lain. i xde amik gmbar2 tu.. and i try to search kat pakcik google.. nnti sy update kemudian..kesimpulannya, i still love this kind of job. x lama lg will join projek2 camni.. nak jadi volunteer. hehehe..

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