24 April 2010

my collection of wedding gifts

i want to reveal some of my wedding gifts. i will update time to time if there are more coming. (just in case) who knows, right?

1) tumble dryer 5kg from my besties buddies (KC friends)
2) home-made alas meja from our wan (abg abdul's side)
but I use it as cover for my dryer. ahakss.

3) jam dinding come with hiasan dinding. a beautiful one..this is from my along dot.

4) hiasan dinding gambar pintu Kaabah. from sub-region Roadcare. thanx guys.

5) hiasan dinding tulisan ayat Qursi from SIL
6) Pensonic TV from Roadcare Regional office
7) a labu sayung from uncle ipoh (abg abdul's side)

8) kura-kura bontot itam. hehehe. kuali actually. from kak sarah, kak liza dan norin. my opismates.

9) Pensonic Thermos 5L from mummy leeya. her husband is abg abdul's skulmates in Teknik Lipis. wut a small world

10) set of Tupperware can use in fridge or out. this is from my beloved sister

11) rice cooker from BIL. we actually got 3 rice cooker as wedding gifts, but this one I use until today. yg lain simpan je.

~~ada yang gambar tidak di ambil, jgn kecik hati ye. sayee cuba sedaya upaya untuk update each and every single one. hmmm. ada sape2 lagi nak bg sayee adiah?? hehehe.... oppsss, im being inappropriate..

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