01 June 2011

HOW TO RELIEVE STRESS~~bulan beday sayee

setelah sekian lama tak update blog secara aktif dan bersemangat, harini sayee nak kongsi je la sket article ni. sayee dapat dari e-magazine yang sayee beli online. pastu saje la nak share kat sini. sayee perlu buat sesuatu sebagai 'come-back' la konon2. untuk permulaan, baca ni dlu la ye.

katanya 101 ways to relieve stress, tapi sayee kira ada 90++ aje. hmmmph...

• Get up 15 minutes earlier.
• Prepare for the morning the night before.
• Avoid tight fitting clothes.
• Avoid relying on chemical aids.
• Set appointments ahead.
• Don't rely on your memory…write it down.
• Practice preventive maintenance.
• Make duplicate keys.
• Say "NO" more often.
• Set priorities in your life.
• Avoid negative people.
• Use time wisely.
• Simplify meal times.
• Always make copies of important papers.
• Anticipate your needs.
• Repair anything that doesn't work properly.
• Ask for help with the jobs you dislike.
• Break large tasks into bite-size portions.
• Look at problems as a challenge.
• Look for the silver lining.
• Say something nice to someone.
• Teach a kid to fly a kite.
• Walk in the rain.
• Schedule playtime into every day.
• Take a bubble bath.
• Believe in yourself.
• Stop saying negative things to yourself.
• Visualize yourself winning.
• Develop your sense of humor.
• Have goals for yourself.
• Dance a jig.
• Say hello to a stranger.
• Ask a friend for a hug.
• Look up at the stars.
• Practice breathing slowly.
• Learn to whistle a tune.
• Read a poem.
• Listen to a symphony.
• Watch a ballet.
• Read a story curled up in bed.
• Do a brand new thing.
• Stop a bad habit.
• Buy yourself flowers.
• Take time to smell the flowers.
• Find support from others.
• Ask someone to be your "Vent Partner."
• Do it today.
• Work at being cheerful and optimistic.
• Put safety first.
• Do everything in moderation.
• Be aware of the decisions you make.
• Pay attention to your appearance.
• Strive for excellence NOT perfection.
• Stretch your limits a little each day.
• Look at a work of art.
• Hum a jingle.
• Maintain your weight.
• Plant a tree.
• Feed the birds.
• Practice grace under pressure.
• Stand up and stretch.
• Always have a plan "B."
• Learn a new doodle.
• Memorize a joke.
• Be responsible for your feelings.
• Learn to meet your own needs.
• Become a better listener.
• Know your limitations and let others know them too.
• Tell someone to have a good day in Pig Latin.
• Throw a paper airplane.
• Exercise every day.
• Learn the words to a new song.
• Get to work early.
• Clean out one closet.
• Play patty cake with a toddler.
• Go on a picnic.
• Take a different route to work.
• Leave work early (with permission).
• Watch a movie and eat popcorn.
• Write a note to a far away friend.
• Go to a ball game and scream.
• Cook a meal and eat it by candlelight.
• Recognize the importance of unconditional love.
• Remember that stress is an attitude.
• Keep a journal.
• Practice a monster smile.
• Remember you always have options.
• Develop a support network of people, places and things.
• Quit trying to "fix" other people.
• Get enough sleep.
• Talk less and listen more.
• Freely praise other people.
• Relax, watch a sunset.
• Take one day at a time…you have the rest of your life to live.

yang mane merah2 tu, sayee amat setuju dan sayee sangat perlu lakukan..! 

contohnye, say NO more often. sayee ni jenis susah nak kata takleh kalau org mintak tolong. kadang2 tu sayee buat dengan perasaan tak ikhlas dan marah diri sendiri knape tak reti kata NO!!

walk in the rain, sayee sebenarnya tak ske ujan. kalau ujan, sayee tak ske kuar umah sbb sayee tak ske kalau baju sayee basah. sayee rase, sayee kena cuba buat ni satu hari nanti...

tgk bintang, mmg sayee amat ske. kadang2 kalau kuar ngn abg abdul mlm2, dia dok ckp ngn sayee pun x perasan sbb ralik sangat tgk bintang. oh, korang tau bintang kiblat tak? yg ada 3 sederet tu. dlu, masa kat USM sayee chop bintang yang tgh2 antara 3 sederet tu sebagai bintang sayee. dan sebelah kiri dan kanan tu plak adalah makabah sayee. hehehe. dah lama2 baru tau, tu adalah bintang kiblat. sayee penah check beberapa tempat la, deret bintang tu mmg sama dengan kiblat. tatau la betul ke tak.

belikan bunga utk diri sendiri tak penah buat. patut try!

bubble bath pun x penah rasenye. haish, kena mintak abg abdul letak bath tub dlm umah la plak ni. hehehe.

sunset!!! dah lama x g cari sunset. last skali g ngn abg abdul masa kat pantai gelora la rasenye.. last year...

candle light pun x penah lagi. shud try this nnti. mungkin time beday sayee nnti ;) tak lama dah...

oh, arini 1jun. abg abdul nak bg sayee adiah satu hari satu hadiah sempena bulan ni harijadi sayee. katanye nak smpi ke 28hb sbb umur sayee 28 tahun ni... gembira? WAJIB la sayee gembira... yeeehaaaa!!


  1. ya Allah..byk nye..!!!n so sweet lah saha...one prize per day....suweeettt..! ;)

  2. byk nye adiah ke byknye tips ilang stress? hehehe..

    hehe..suweet!!! tapi aku dah janji takkan reveal all the hadiahss dlm blog.. ekekeke.. haiyoohh..

  3. byk nye tips laa.. =p

    ala..baru nk tau semer hadiah2..tapi tkpela..privacy..! hehehehe...tak semua adiah ble gitau org...ye tak.. ;)

  4. cumilssnyer 1 hari 1 hadiah!! tak penah terpikir pun mcm tu huhu...ala, besady t da lepas lorrr huhuh...

  5. ej, nti aku cuba tanye bole tunjuk tak adiah nye? hehehe...

  6. t, tahun depan ada lagi.. ehehe..



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